I build tools for the web at Automattic, and spend most of my time creating open-source software with web technologies.


From 2011 to 2016, I created Geographical Information Systems at iCarto, where I was also a partner. Previously, I worked at IGALIA (open-source consultancy, 2008-2010) and CartoLab (university research lab, 2007-2008).

I co-founded the non-profits Makers Lugo (open hardware, 2013), 美国ssr节点 (WordPress network, 2010), and GHANDALF (free software, 2009). I also volunteered at ESF Galicia (international cooperation) and currently co-organize the WordPress Lugo meetup.


I live in Lugo, Galicia, Spain. I speak Galician, Spanish, English, and can communicate in Portuguese. My interests are broad, and my blog stream reflects how some of them have evolved through the years.

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